For FE-C Devices you have the following modes if your device support it.

Simulation Mode

In Simulation mode the software sends the Grade to the Device in %

Resistance Mode (default mode)

In Resistance Mode you can (if connected) set the resistance of your trainer 25%, 50%, 75%,100%

Target Power Mode (Workout)

Here you have 2 Options you can set the target power direct (if connected and target power mode is active press the “T” Key).
In the left table you can choose a target power value.

The second option is the target power with a workout:
I your folder on a Windows PC C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\LocalLow\Andreas\VCScroller is an INI File:
usersettings.ini (All chars in lower cases)
Here you can define 10 different workouts for the keys 1 to 0

You can download the example file (Keep scrolling the page!) to create your own workouts, example data is included:
the scheme is:
Timer = 10,14,10,12,5
Power = 50,500,50,500,50

Timer = seconds, separated by a comma
Power = Target Power, separated by a comma

Without the file you cannot make a workout in target power mode!

This is a sample interval workout for Beginner to increase the FTP Level:
Timer = 300,300,30,120,30,120,30,120,30,300,30,120,30,120,30,120,30,300,150,150
Power = 80,100,180,80,180,80,180,80,180,100,180,80,180,80,180,80,180,100,80,60

You need to set this to your FTP if needed.
The Key is to recover between the high intensity intervals: for example your bpm is at 180 during the interval, then the bpm needs to
go down about 110.
Before you do intervals ask a doctor, do not use Dr. Google, only your Doctor can say to you what is good for you.
Or if you have a professional trainer, ask there.
This here is only an example. You use it at your own risk.

Shut up legs!

Jens Voigt

Example INI File

Workout INI File (643 Bytes)

VCS - VelCycleScroller

VeloCycleScroller is a free cycling simulator hobby project. You have the options to make a workout, to ride with your friends, or just to ride and recover in the environment. You can select one of more than 10 nice level. The project is updated frequently to new features.
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