Fun Mode:

Here i plan my new features

Ă„hnliches Aussehen, unterschiedliches Prinzip

Es bleibt Geschmackssache

Knockout Mode (Planned)

Up to 8 Rider start a Race.
After every round the last one is out.

The last 2 Rider race for the First place

PaperBoy (Planned)

Rider throw papers in a target zone.
The rider with the most goals wins the competition.
The mode will be time based.

Time Attack (Planned)

You need to ride any lap faster than the lap before, so start slow and go faster and faster.
If one lap slower, the Time Attack is over.

VCS - VelCycleScroller

VeloCycleScroller is a free cycling simulator hobby project. You have the options to make a workout, to ride with your friends, or just to ride and recover in the environment. You can select one of more than 10 nice level. The project is updated frequently to new features.
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