This Manual should help if you have trouble to start

Start Icon

If you have any issues running the program – either:
Right-click the start icon and “run as administrator” to see if it fixes the problem , or right-click, select “advanced” and check the “run as administrator” to make it permanent

First dialog box

Running in Windowed mode enables you to get out if things go wrong. That hasnt happened for a while – so I run full screen and use the “windows key” to close the programme down if needed. Be aware that the UI is not optimised for all screen resolutions
At 1920*1080 “ultra” works fine on my I7 laptop. On my older machine I run in “high” to stop the jerkiness in the simulation (note the FPS number at the top right of the screen – I need at least 15)

Patch screen

Press “start” when any updates have been downloaded and applied

Profile screen

You will need to create a profile. Just select a avatar and add a name (must be at least 5 characters) and save. You dont have to do anything else
Now each time to start the simulation – click on the avatar (you will see a small cross to delete if the avatar once it has been set-up)
Press “Go ride” to start a course

Level screen

Select the course you wish to ride – and press “continue” when ready

The ride!

In the grey box – if it says “default” – write your avatar name. Next select “join or create room”. This will bring up the pairing dialog box”. Select any of the discovered devices. If you dont see anything – check your ANT+ connections. A smart trainer will expose itself and its power meeting. Selecting the device will allow the program to control resistance – the powermeter will enable it to act dumn

Remember you can use the “c” botton to change the camera angle – and to save a screenshot for strava – or to share use the spacebar

End a ride

At the end of the ride (when you have slowed) you will see the green “exit” button. Press to see your summary. Just wait until you see the profile screen again. Here you can “Go ride” again – or go to “Accounts” to go to the exit
Alternative you can press “Q” to end a ride anytime.

Uploading to Strava

From the strava web page, hit the “+” symbol in the top right of the screen – then upload actitvity. Using “choose file” navigate to something like “c:\program files (x86)\vcscroller” – and select the latest .fit file(s)

Adding a screenshot

Select the activty – and find the pen symbol on the left of the screen to add an image. Click the area to add the image – and navigate to “c:\program files (x86)\vcscroller\screenshots” to find the appropriate image

kickR user: keep scrolling the page

Don’t buy upgrades
Ride up grades

a rider

kickR users


For VCS you need to set the kickR in PowerSource mode.

1. Using the Wahoo iOS app to pair your Kickr via Bluetooth under Sensors
2. Select the Kickr in the sensor menu
3. Activate “Control w/ ANT+ Power Meter” from the options.

The Kickr trainer is now able to pair with VCS and read the power values.

Hope you like what you see

The Software needs feedback. If you have ideas, bugs or suggest. Drop me a mail or visit the FB Group Page.

A good free product needs “critic”

User Pics

Endlose Wälder

Some user pics with text 1

Auf der Jagd

Some user pics with text 2


Some user pics with text 3


Above the mountains

Above the mountains

Idyllic evening scene

Idyllic evening scene



Fog is coming up

Fog is coming up

Just silence

Just silence

Endless woods

Endless woods

Northern lights

Northern lights



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VeloCycleScroller is a free cycling simulator hobby project. You have the options to make a workout, to ride with your friends, or just to ride and recover in the environment. You can select one of more than 10 nice level. The project is updated frequently to new features.
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