Set Me Up

Set Me Up

What you need

To ride on VCS you need a PC or MAC (Android “soon”) and a ANT+ USB Stick. I suggest a extension cable not longer as 3 meter.
VCS support different ANT+ compatible trainer devices and Hardware:
“ANT + Powermeter with Cadence”, “Ant+HeartRateStrap”, “FEC”, “FakePower” “with Cadence and HeartRateStrap”

Working devices from some users:
Kickr, Neo, Tacx Neo Smart T2800, Elite Drivo, Power Meter, FE-C

What i recommend

A better quality USB Extension cable
A Towel or 2
A rubber mat on the ground to catch sweat
A Fan
Enough water to drink
Take your time and make sure you have all in a good distance before you start your ride…

The Setup File


Dont forget this is a hobby project, so if you find errors, or another problem, be so nice and send me a message. I give my best to solve any problems.

The VCS - Team

public float frontalArea = 0.25f;  //surface in m2

public float drivetrainEffectiveness = 95; // Power loss due to friction is 5%

public float coefficientOfRollingResistance = 0.004f; //dimensionless //0.005f

public float dragCoef = 0.63f; //dimensionless

public float power { get; private set; }

public float speed




if (currentVelocity <= 0) {

return 0;


return useMPH ? currentVelocity / 0.44704f : currentVelocity * 3.6f;



VCS - VeloCycleScroller

VeloCycleScroller is a free cycling simulator hobby project. You have the options to make a workout, to ride with your friends, or just to ride and recover in the environment. You can select one of more than 10 nice level. The project is updated frequently to new features.
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